Monday, May 28, 2012

Open to Changes

This has been an intersting year. It has been a really good year for me to embark on a world of changes, as I have a class of students who are very adaptable and eager to try new things. Some of the things we tried were successful and some things we tried, we decided weren't for us, but we were grateful for the experience, as with everything, we learned from all our experiences.

One of the biggest changes I have been slowly working into my practice is integrating technology into my class. For many years I didn't believe in the importance of technology in education and was very resistent to it. Some of my resistence had to do with the technology we had available but most of my apprehension had to do with not knowing where to start or even how to find out what was available. I had heard about blogs and wikis and other technology jargon and didn't know what they were or how I could use them in my class. Earlier this year I signed up for a twitter account and was open to a whole new world of technology. I didn't even know what Twitter was when I signed up. Twitter has been some of the best professional development that I have ever had. The teachers I have connected with have been so helpful and offered suggestions of where to start. Since joining Twitter, I am reading and following blogs, opening links to various applications and making plans of how to include them in my class. For the first time in my career I am excited about the possiblilities of bringing technology into my room. I still don't have the language down and am only at the beginning of my technology exploration but I have started and I am looking forward see how far I can go and how far my students can go.

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